FS Racing 1/10 Rebel 3S Monster Truck #FS53692

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  • Chassis in three-stage design, medium chassis cassette design, great strength, and performance.
  • Gearbox dustproof design, transparent gear cover, and axle cover.
  • The steering gear is upright and fixed, better for steering.
  • The front and rear bumper is simulation design, with headlights and twin roller-type wheelie bar
  • The middle gear is limited to slippery and can be changed to true axle and differential.
  • Full car adjustable metal rod.
  • With oil pressure shock absorber
  • The battery case is suitable for different types of batteries.


Length: 440mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 200mm
Wheelbase: 275mm
Motor: 3652(Brushless)
ESC: 10BL50 waterproof ESC(Brushless)
Gear Ratio: 13.11(Brushless)