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HobbySportz Dubai is the top ranking (R/C) Radio Control Hobby dealer.

Hobby Sportz Dubai Provide sales and services to the entire part of United Arab Emirates. It is currently presents in two places of UAE and globally present RC Shop through RC Hobby Online Shopping  with the doimain name

Hobby Sportz Dubai Mainly deals with

RC Plane/Aircraft

Radio-controlled aircraft (also called RC aircraft) are small aircraft that can be controlled remotely. There are many different types, ranging from small park flyers to large jets and mid-sized aerobatic models. The aircraft use many different methods of propulsion, ranging from brushed or brushless electric motors, to internal combustion engines, to the most expensive gas turbines. The fastest aircraft, dynamic slope soarers, can reach speeds of over 450 mph (720 km/h) by dynamic soaring, repeatedly circling through the gradient of wind speeds over a ridge or slope

RC Cars/Radio control car

A radio-controlled car is a powered model car driven from a distance. Gas, nitro and electric cars exist, designed to be run both on and off-road. “Gas” cars traditionally use petrol (gasoline), though many hobbyists run nitro cars that use nitromethanol (also called as ‘Nitro Car’), a mixture of methanol and nitromethane, to get their power. Building, driving, and modifying radio-controlled car kits is a hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages.

RC Helicopters/Radio control helicopter

Radio-controlled helicopters, although often grouped with RC aircraft, are unique because of the differences in construction, aerodynamics and flight training. Several designs of RC helicopters exist, some with limited maneuverability (and thus easier to learn to fly), and those with more maneuverability (and thus harder to learn to fly).

RC Boats /Radiocontrol boat

Radio-controlled boats are model boats controlled remotely with radio control equipment. The main types of RC boat are: scale models (12 inches (30 cm) – 144″ (365 cm) in size), the sailing boat and the power boat. The latter is the more popular among toy grade models.

Mainly these models are Powered with Engine or Electric

Internal combustion RC /Engine Powered RC

Internal combustion engines for remote control models have typically been two stroke engines that run on specially blended fuel. Engine sizes are typically given in cm³ or cubic inches, ranging from tiny engines like these .02 in³ to huge 1.60 in³ or larger. For even larger sizes, many modelers turn to four stroke or gasoline engines (see below.) Glow plug engines have an ignition device that possesses a platinum wire coil in the glow plug, that catalytically glows in the presence of the methanol in glow engine fuel, providing the combustion source.

Electrical RC /RC Electric power

These models often the chosen form of power for aircraft, cars and boats. Electric power in aircraft in particular has become popular recently, mainly due to the popularity of park flyers and the development of technologies like brushlessmotors and lithium polymer batteries. These allow electric motors to produce much more power rivaling that of fuel-powered engines. It is also relatively simple to increase the torque of an electric motor at the expense of speed, while it is much less common to do so with a fuel engine, perhaps due to its roughness. This permits a more efficient larger-diameter propeller to be used which provides more thrust at lower airspeeds. (e.g. an electric glider climbing steeply to a good thermalling altitude.)

Available RC Plane/Aircraft Brands/RC Car/RC Boat in are

‘Align-Trex’, ‘DJI’ (high-end radio-controlled quadcopter), ‘DDM’ (Dave’s Discount Motors-HPI Baja, Losi 5ive, FG Modellsport, Goped Scooter, R/C, and Zenoah & CY hobby engine products available. In HobbySportzdubai models from ‘FMS’ (FMS Aerospace is a turn key provider of aircraft modifications and flight test services) have a great reception from the customers.



hobbysportzdubai_RC_Quadcopters HPI Baja, Losi 5ive, FG Modellsport, Goped Scooter, R/C, and Zenoah & CY hobby engine products available.


RC Cars in dubai, rc cars in uae, rc cars in hobbysportzdubai serve the customers with ‘Futaba’ Products(Futaba radio control (RC – R/C) systems and accessories), ‘Gens Ace’ Lipo Batteries for various models are sold in shop and also in online shopping.

Collection of ‘Great Planes’ Model impress the customers,

Few from the list Cirrus SR22 46 GP/EP ARF, Cirrus SR22 Turbo ARF,Citabria EP ARF,Cosmic Wind EP ARF,de Havilland Tiger Moth EP ARF,Dirty Birdy .60 Sport/Pattern ARF,Edge 540T EP ARF,ElectroStik ARF & Rx-R,Escapade .61 GP/EP ARF,Escapade GP/EP ARF,Escapade MX GP/EP ARF,Extra 300S 40,Extra 330SC EP ARF,Extra 300SP GP/EP ARF,F1 Rocket Evo GP/EP ARF,F-86 Sabre Micro EDF Tx-R,Factor 3D ARF,FlyLite EP Slow Flyer ARF,Fokker Dr.1 WWI ARF,,Gee Bee R-1 EP Tx-R, Goldberg Super Chipmunk EP ARF, Matt Chapman Eagle 580 46/EP ARF, Mister Mulligan EP ARF, P-51 Mustang GP/EP ARF, ,PBY Catalina ARF, Pluma 3D Bipe ARF, Proud Bird ARF, Revolver GP/EP ARF, Rifle 1-Meter EP ARF, SU-31 Sukhoi ARF, Seawind EP ARF & Rx-R™, Siren Hotliner EP ARF, Slinger ARF, Spitfire .25 GP/EP, Super Sportster Brushless EP ARF, Super Sportster EP RxR, U-Can-Do SF EP/GP ARF, Yak-54 3D ARF

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